The Buried Throne

(The Dream Keeper Series, Book 2)

Three months after the abrupt end to her relationship with Luke, Sarah struggles with her normal existence on Earth as Drew’s girlfriend. When Maddy tells Sarah about her dream wherein Yelram’s king is being kept prisoner in a dark world and needs their help, Sarah jumps at the chance to prove her worth. After Sarah announces her intention to become a Dream Warrior, Drew calls Luke for assistance. Realizing that she won’t back down, Drew and Luke agree to train Sarah and Maddy and prepare them for a recovery mission that will push boundaries, test loyalties, break alliances, and change all of their lives forever.

The Buried Throne promises to plunge readers into an adventure thick with chaos, all while discovering secrets buried deep in the darkest worlds.

“I bought this book for my 13 year old niece hoping she would like it. She didn’t just like it, she LOVED it!…”

Annette C.

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Best known for writing young adult fiction, K.L. Hawker is a creativity junkie, always chasing after that next big dream. Growing up in a small rural town with little to do, Hawker found herself creating worlds of adventure for herself. Years later, after making the decision to put off law school to chase her dream of raising her own children and becoming an author, Hawker now homeschools her children while writing fantasy fiction in the evenings. In her spare time, Hawker can be found educating and advocating for mental health awareness, traveling with her family, and playing sports (currently hockey).
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