(The Branded Trilogy, Book 2)

The need for constant security has Anna feeling suffocated and needing some space. In an effort to keep Anna happy while still providing the protection that she needs, Jake reluctantly backs off and entrusts Anna’s safety with Claudia and Rachel. But when Rachel’s visions become unreliable, the girls find themselves in deep with the Defiers. And when one of them realizes their purpose, it’s a game-changer for the rest of the team.

“Great novel! Totally a page turner – you can’t put it down! Perfect balance of love, adventure, and reality, creating a fantastic read for any age or gender.”

Laura L. (15)

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Best known for writing young adult fiction, K.L. Hawker is a creativity junkie, always chasing after that next big dream. Growing up in a small rural town with little to do, Hawker found herself creating worlds of adventure for herself. Years later, after making the decision to put off law school to chase her dream of raising her own children and becoming an author, Hawker now homeschools her children while writing fantasy fiction in the evenings. In her spare time, Hawker can be found educating and advocating for mental health awareness, traveling with her family, and playing sports (currently hockey).
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