About the Daisies

If you’ve read The Branded Trilogy (or even just looked at their covers), you may have already guessed that daisies are my favourite flower. For lots of reasons, really—they’re sweet and simple, bold and beautiful, and they grow wild and free. Not to mention, they represent the uncertainty and excitement of love (“he loves me, he loves me not.”) But recently they’ve become even more meaningful to me. In December 2015, my son lost a very close friend to suicide. Like a daisy, Alexis was sweet, simple, bold and beautiful. She was a wild and free spirit who took great pleasure in creating beautiful art. And at the young age of just 17, she lost her battle with mental illness. And our hearts were shattered.

Alexis’s family (who are just as amazing), have created a foundation in Alexis’s honour that raises awareness and support for adolescent mental health. As part of their fundraising efforts, they created jewellery that they sell to raise funds necessary to educate and support adolescent mental health. In designing the jewellery, Alexis’s family chose one of her art pieces as the emblem for their cause. Can you guess what it is? Three daisies. Every time I see a daisy, I think of Alexis, and more importantly the hope I have for better mental health education and support for young people.

As you read my next series, The Dream Keeper, watch for references to daisies, and be reminded that you are special, you are beautiful, and you are wild and free.

For more information on Alexis Fletcher, or to join us in raising awareness and support for mental health, please visit www.believeinhopeforalexis.com.

K.L. Hawker

Best known for writing young adult fiction, K.L. Hawker is a creativity junkie, always chasing after that next big dream. Growing up in a small rural town with little to do, Hawker found herself creating worlds of adventure for herself. Years later, after making the decision to put off law school to chase her dream of raising her own children and becoming an author, Hawker now homeschools her children while writing fantasy fiction in the evenings. In her spare time, Hawker can be found educating and advocating for mental health awareness, traveling with her family, and playing sports (currently hockey).
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