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I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge social media fan (There. I said it.) I never got into Snapchat, and I’m too wordy for Twitter, Facebook is a time-killer, and Instagram might be the only thing I visit on a regular occasional basis. All that said, I do love hearing from and connecting with my readers on a more personal level, which is why email is still my go-to choice of media. And that is why I created my newsletter. If you want to hear from me on a more personal level, please join my newsletter by signing up below. You may hear from me monthly (less if I’m busy writing my next novel), but you can also reply to my newsletters at any time and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. I also love hearing feedback about my novels, so don’t be shy!

In the meantime, feel free to check out some Q&A’s below.

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Canada! I love my country, my province, and my little hometown.

Q: Do you only write teen fiction?
A: While young adult fiction is my favourite genre, I do also write poetry, children’s literature, and am also working on a women’s mystery novel.

Q: Are the characters in your books based on real people?
A: Some, but not all. Sometimes I just use names of people I know and like, but there are other characters whose personalities are based off of people in my life. For example, Jake (The Branded Trilogy) was based off of my son, Austin. Maddy (The Dream Keeper Series) is based off of my niece, Maddy.

Q: How long did it take you to write Branded?
A: Three months. But I wrote obsessively, and I didn’t stop to edit until it was all done. Now, the edits took a little bit longer. The key is to just get it all out. Sometimes a chapter was just a point-form mess of ideas and dialogue snippets. Then if I ever had writer’s block, I would go back to those chapters and try to fill in some more detail. It’s fun!

Q: Do you offer help and advice to aspiring authors?
A: Yes! I love spreading the love of writing to anyone who has the desire and commitment to see it through. Send me a message and ask any questions you have!

Best known for writing young adult fiction, K.L. Hawker is a creativity junkie, always chasing after that next big dream. Growing up in a small rural town with little to do, Hawker found herself creating worlds of adventure for herself. Years later, after making the decision to put off law school to chase her dream of raising her own children and becoming an author, Hawker now homeschools her children while writing fantasy fiction in the evenings. In her spare time, Hawker can be found educating and advocating for mental health awareness, traveling with her family, and playing sports (currently hockey).
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